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        Oberon Press

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        Oberon Press is an independent Canadian literary publisher founded more than 50 years ago to help give Canadians books of their own. It is operated and owned by Canadians and publishes only books by Canadian writers. We have always been principally interested in fiction—Oberon has been recognized for many years as Canada’s leading publisher of short stories—and in poetry, but we have also published biographies and autobiographies, historical studies, literary criticism, art books and children’s books. We have never published a book that didn’t have literary merit, or turned down a book with literary merit because we thought we would lose money on it.

        “The Oberon imprint is about as close to a brand name as there is in Canadian publishing”—Books in Canada

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        We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts
        and the Government of Canada through the
        Canada Book?Fund?for our publishing activities.